Nick Kamp

Co-Band Manager

Nick Kamp is a fourth-year member of the HMB pursing a BA in music and a BA in political science. Born in Iowa, he grew up a Hawkeye fan, and is a legacy member of the HMB — his mother and paternal aunt are Hawkeye Marching Band alums. Nick's interested include keeping fit, and his cat, Martin. He's looking forward to the 2023-2024 season, and hopes to serve the HMB to the best of his abilities as co-band manager. He is also looking forward to meeting all the new members, and making Band 143 the best possible!

Current + Past Band Managers of the Hawkeye Marching Band

2023-Present Jake Greenlee + Nick Kamp
2021-2022 Courtney Kelly
2020 Kate Weldon
2018-19 Bjorn Swanson
2017 Joel Knipe
2016 Eriq Vazquez
2013-15  Jack Frank
2011-12  Kyle Pape
2010  Nathan Stark
2009  Adam Schroeder
2007-08  Brett Messenger
2005-06  Dan Terrell
2004  Dameon Place
2002-03  Benjamin Wise
2001  Matt Hektoen
2000  Andrew Owen
1999  Brandt Payne
1998  Tony Wadle
1996-97  Brad Williamson
1995  Dan Potts
1994  Jason Plosch
1991-93  Rod Schueller
1990  Jeff Stannard
1989  Scott Lubaroff
1988  Andy Mast
1986-87  Scott Devlin
1985  Chuck Throckmorton
1984  Steve King
1982-83  Don DoBell
1981  Dave Tullberg
1980  Dave Woodley

Head Librarians of the Hawkeye Marching Band

2021-2023 - Jordan Flies
2020-2021 - Blaine Schmidt
2019-2020 - Becca Frederick

Nick Kamp