Please have all music printed and in a binder before coming to summer clinics. 
All materials have been updated as of - 02/20/23

Audition Exercises

Please prepare the materials listed below prior to attending the clinics.

Audition Tempo Ranges:

Legatos: 90-136bpm

Double/Triple Beat: 90-136bpm

PDDs: 124-180bpm

Rolls: 124-180bpm

Pregame: 208, 144, 152bpm

Series: 124bpm

*note - The Series ending is different in the video. Play the notated part.

It is encouraged that music be memorized for the clinics, but all materials in the packets must be memorized for the audition. Music from the packets will be called during individual auditions (this includes Pregame, and the Series). There will also be a sight-reading excerpt. 

HMB Exercises:
We will utilize this packet throughout the clinics and auditions. Everyone auditioning for the drumline should memorize the timing exercises, and the "4-2-1 grids". Additionally, everyone auditioning for drums should have the rolls, paradiddles, and flam exercises memorized.

Download HMB Exercises Packet

*additional materials will be distributed prior to the clinics and auditions (cadences, show music, etc.)

Download Music:

Hawkeye Drumline 2023 Snare
Hawkeye Drumline 2023 Tenors
Hawkeye Drumline 2023 Bass
Hawkeye Drumline 2023 Cymbals

The Series


This play-along track is provided to aid in your memorization of our Pregame. You can download it by right-clicking on the player.