Audition Material and Exercises

Please prepare and memorize the materials listed below prior to attending the clinics, and have them printed in a 3-Ring binder. All materials have been updated as of - 02/23/24

Download Audition Material:

Hawkeye Drumline 2024 Snare
Hawkeye Drumline 2024 Tenors
Hawkeye Drumline 2024 Bass
Hawkeye Drumline 2024 Cymbals

*additional materials will be distributed via email prior to the clinics and auditions (cadences, show music, etc.)

General Exercises:
We will utilize this general exercise packet throughout the clinics and auditions. This material should be prepared, but does not need to be memorized.

Download HMB Exercises Packet



The Series


This play-along track is provided to aid in your memorization of our Pregame. You can download it by right-clicking on the player.