Please have all music printed and in a binder before coming to summer clinics. 
All materials have been updated as of - 03/18/21

Audition Exercises:

Please prepare each of the exercises listed below at the following tempos prior to attending the clinics:

Snares and Tenors

  1. Legatos at 132bpm (f-p)
  2. Stick Control at 116bpm (f)
  3. PDDs at 144bpm (f-p)
  4. Rolls (2 Reps) at 144bpm and 160bpm
  5. The Series* excerpts at 124bpm
    • mm. 9-68 (“Swing - Wild Thing”)
    • mm. 85-End (“Other - End”)
  6. Audition Etude 166bpm


  1. Legatos at 132bpm (4 reps) 
    • 8th note split, 16th 2’s spilt, 16th triplet 3’s, 32nd note 4’s
  2. Stick Control at 116bpm (mf)
  3. PDDs at 144bpm (f-p)
  4. The Series* excerpts 124bpm
    • mm. 49-68 (“I-O-W-A - Wild Thing”) 
    • mm. 85 - End (“Other - End”)
  5. Timing (Duple at 108bpm, Compound at 144bpm)
  6. Audition Etude 124bpm


  1. Legatos at 132bpm (clap with positions)
  2. PDDs at 144bpm (clap with positions)
  3. Timing - Duple at 108bpm, Compound dotted quarter at 144bpm 
    • claps or on a pad - ignore stickings
  4. Audition Etude 124bpm (clap with positions)

*note - The Series ending is different in the video. Play the notated part.

Download Music:

Hawkeye Drumline 2021 Snare
Hawkeye Drumline 2021 Tenors
Hawkeye Drumline 2021 Bass
Hawkeye Drumline 2021 Cymbals

The Series