Drum Major and Drumline during run on in Pregame

Ready for the Boom: Inside the Hawkeye Marching Band

From preseason camp to game time, go behind the scenes with Iowa’s Golden Girl, drum major, and 250-plus marching musicians.
Drum Major Christian Frankl, Golden Girl Ella McDaniel, and Ohio State Marching Band members

A Halftime Show for the History Books: Iowa Teams Up with Ohio State

This past weekend, the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band teamed up with Ohio State's marching band for an epic Elton John halftime show
Iowa Drum Major Christian Frankl and Ohio State Drum Major performing with the marching bands

Iowa-Ohio State marching bands' tribute to Elton John earns praise from rock legend himself

The Ohio State and Iowa Marching Bands displayed an ode to Elton John at Saturday's football game halftime show- which earned them a nod from the singing legend himself.
Members of the Hawkeye Marching Band in the stands at Kinnick Stadium

Women in Hawkeye Marching Band reflect on activity’s camaraderie in new project

UI Hawkeye Marching Band alum Laurie Canady documented the joy of 50 years of women in marching band with new project.
Christian Frankl in Scotland, wearing an HMB varsity jacket

UI drum major prepared for audition while studying in Scotland

“In a lot of situations, it would be difficult to do something like this, so the decision was thoughtful and planned out,” said Frankl. “While I was abroad, I focused on meeting new people, studying so I could excel in my classes, and utilizing time management strategies learned over the years so I could also spend time each week training and preparing to interview for the drum major position.”
Ella McDaniel

For Iowa's Golden Girl, Dreams Do Come True

After earning the competitive title of Golden Girl for the Hawkeye Marching Band, sophomore Ella McDaniel has now been crowned Miss Majorette of America.
Ella McDaniel leaping in Kinnick Stadium

'Golden Girl' Ella McDaniel shines in new role of Miss Majorette of America

When the Hawkeye Marching Band takes the field for the first football game in Kinnick Stadium Sept. 3, it will be accompanied by the Teenage Miss Majorette of America. In July, the University of Iowa's "Golden Girl" Ella McDaniel won the title. For McDaniel, it was a decade-long dream finally being fulfilled.
Christian Frankl

Student Spotlight: Hawkeye Marching Band selects new drum major

Christian Frankl wanted to be a Big 10 drum major for as long as he could remember, and this spring, his dream came true. While studying abroad in Scotland, Frankl spent time out on the grassy hills of Edinburgh practicing his mace routines in preparation to fly back to Iowa City and audition for the desired position.
Tyler Strickland conducting in Kinnick Stadium

Ready to direct on the field, in the performance hall

Tyler Strickland will graduate having conducted the Hawkeye Marching Band on some of the biggest stages: Kinnick Stadium, a Big Ten Championship game, and the Citrus Bowl.