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Drumline Audition Materials

Please have all music printed and in a binder before coming to summer clinics. 
All materials have been updated as of - 03/31/20

Audition Exercises:

Please record separate videos for each of the exercises listed below at the following tempos:

Snares and Tenors

  1. Legatos at 132bpm (f-p)
  2. Stick Control at 116bpm (f)
  3. PDDs at 144bpm (f-p)
  4. Rolls (2 Reps) at 144bpm and 160bpm
  5. The Series* excerpts at 124bpm
    • mm. 9-68 (“Swing - Wild Thing”)
    • mm. 85-End (“Other - End”)
  6. Audition Etude 166bpm


  1. Legatos at 132bpm (4 reps) 
    • 8th note split, 16th 2’s spilt, 16th triplet 3’s, 32nd note 4’s
  2. Stick Control at 116bpm (mf)
  3. PDDs at 144bpm (f-p)
  4. The Series* excerpts 124bpm
    • mm. 49-68 (“I-O-W-A - Wild Thing”) 
    • mm. 85 - End (“Other - End”)
  5. Timing (Duple at 108bpm, Compound at 144bpm)
  6. Audition Etude 124bpm


  1. Legatos at 132bpm (clap with positions)
  2. PDDs at 144bpm (clap with positions)
  3. Timing - Duple at 108bpm, Compound dotted quarter at 144bpm 
    • claps or on a pad - ignore stickings
  4. Audition Etude 124bpm (clap with positions)

*note - The Series ending is different in the video. Play the notated part.


Video recording requirements:

  • There MUST be an audible metronome in every video.
  • Stop and reset the metronome at tempo changes in the Series. 
  • Mark time to EVERYTHING.
  • Your whole body must be visible in the video.
  • Cameras should be facing directly at the performer.
  • Upload the videos to YouTube as unlisted links and form a playlist. Please include your name, instrument, and what you are playing in the title of the video (i.e. Nick Miller/Snare/Legatos/132bpm). Please specify which drum or part you are playing for bass and cymbal videos.
  • Please upload a separate playlist for each instrument for which you are auditioning. Videos for overlapping requirements may be reused in separate playlists.
  • The deadline for video audition submissions is Monday July 6th by 12pm. We encourage you to submit them early if possible. 

Hawkeye Drumline 2020 Snare
Hawkeye Drumline 2020 Tenor
Hawkeye Drumline 2020 Bass
Hawkeye Drumline 2020 Cymbals

The Series